How do I place my order?

We hope you like what you see! Browse the site, place your order and pay online.  



When can I expect my order?

For Organization/Group Orders: The estimated ship date/delivery date will be noted on each online store based on the order deadline decided upon by your group.  Orders will be accepted until the order deadline noted for each online store. Once the deadline has passed, we'll produce all the orders and send all orders within your group to your organization. Your organization is responsible for distributing out individual orders, unless other arrangements have been made. In some instances a direct ship option to each customer may be available if previous arrangements have been made by the organization to have us do so.  

For Graphic Tees produced by Branded: Orders typically ship within 2-3 days.

For Belmont Schools Online Store: Orders typically are produced within 1-2 weeks.



What if I want to cancel my order?

Since all items are custom made, all orders are non-refundable. Sale is considered final at the time the order is placed and completed online. 




Learn more about us on our website! We'd love to work with you on any future apparel orders you may have! The large majority of our business is custom apparel for small businesses - Let us know what we can help you with! 


What are my Shipping Options?

We offer several delivery options.
1. Pickup at Branded Show Gear. We're located in Belmont, WI - If you'll be in our area or are local, utilize this option as there is obviously no shipping charge.

2. SpeeDee Delivery - This is our preferred method for customers in WI, IA, IL, SD, ND, MN, and parts of NE and KS.

3. Delivery to Belmont Schools - For orders for the Belmont Online Store, we periodically deliver orders to the office at Belmont Schools. 

4. Flat Rate Shipping - If you aren't in one of the states covered by SpeeDee Delivery, or in the Belmont area, please select this option. 

5. Pickup from MCM Football - Orders from the MCM Football Store will be available for pickup from MCM Football two weeks after the order closes.